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Risk Management Services

Risk Management Services at Members Insurance Advisors

Members Insurance Advisors also specializes in creating and implementing comprehensive risk management programs for businesses of all sizes. This service seeks to protect a company's assets by identifying and analyzing risk throughout an organization. The result is a reduction in exposure to risk and reduced costs associated with managing claims, paying legal expenses, losing employees due to injury, losing revenue or customers due to business interruption, assuming the liability of other companies, and loss due to non-compliance issues.

Insurance is not a substitute for good loss prevention and control. When conducting our assessment of your company, we conduct a comprehensive analysis. We take time to identify exposures and recommend policies/procedures to prevent losses – before they occur.

Our Risk Management analysis can include:

  • Review of internal HR policies/procedures and internal safety manuals/practices
  • Conducting physical inspections of plants/operations
  • Review of current insurance policies/coverages
  • Conducting a claims history analysis
  • Utilization of industry specific risk questionnaires and surveys
  • Analyzing financial statements

The best and least costly loss for your business is one that never occurs. Contact a Members Insurance Advisors representative today at 404-677-4844 or 1-866-444-4617. You can also email us at

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