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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some helpful Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do we accept insurance payments at any of the Delta Community Credit Union branches?

A. No. We will not be collecting payments at the branches or at our agency. All payments are paid directly to the insurance companies.

Q. What steps should I take if I am involved in an accident?

A. If possible gather names, addresses, phone numbers, makes of vehicles, license numbers and insurance company name and policy number information for all drivers involved in the accident. Examine and record the damage to the other vehicles (it's a great idea to keep a disposable camera in your car to take pictures of the scene and damage should an accident occur). Do not discuss the accident with anyone other than the police and your claims adjuster. And never admit fault.

Q. What is Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage?

A. If you or your passengers are injured in an accident in which another driver is at fault, and that driver does not carry liability insurance (or does not carry enough insurance to cover the damages caused), this insurance covers your expenses up to the policy limits.

Q. Does checking a person's credit history for an insurance quote affect his/her credit rating?

A. Generally not. While credit checks made by an insurance carrier will appear on the credit report, they are clearly identified as insurance inquiries.

Q. What is the difference between Property Damage (PD) Liability and Collision Insurance coverage?

A. Property Damage Liability insurance reimburses other parties when an accident for which you are legally responsible causes damage to someone else's property. Collision insurance covers damages to your own car, no matter who caused the accident.

Q. What is the difference between "actual cash value" and "replacement cost"?

A. With "actual cash value", the policyowner is entitled to the depreciated value of the damaged property - so the older the item is, the less money you may receive for it. Under the "replacement cost" coverage, the policyowner is reimbursed the amount it costs to replace the property with something of a similar type and quality at current prices.

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