Risk Management

Identifying and Managing Business Risks

  • We specialize in creating and implementing comprehensive risk management programs that identify and mitigate potential threats. This effectively protects your company's assets by mitigating exposure and reducing the cost of associated risks. We review internal procedures and recommend the best method of proactively preventing loss.

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A Good Risk Management Plan Can Identify Losses Before They Occur

We offer a full range of risk management services that can be tailored to fit your company's needs. Read on to discover what sets Members Insurance Advisors apart from the competition.

Why Risk Management Is Important

A thorough risk management analysis uncovers potential threats to business operations and reduces costs associated with managing claims, paying legal fees, employee loss and replacement, loss of revenue due to business interruption and more. We can also assist with meeting compliance requirements.

Our Risk Management Analysis Includes:

  • An assessment of certain critical HR policies necessary for coverage (a referral can be made for additional legal or other resources to develop appropriate policies)
  • Physical inspections of plants and operations (inspections will be conducted by third party insurance companies)
  • A review of current insurance policies and coverages
  • A full claims history analysis
  • Utilization of industry-specific risk questionnaires and surveys
  • An analysis of financial statements to determine appropriate coverage