Online Privacy Statement


It is the policy of Members Insurance Advisors, LLC to hold all customer information in confidence, subject to applicable legal requirements. It is the policy of Members Insurance Advisors, LLC not to sell customer information for use by non-affiliated third parties.

Members Insurance Advisors, LLC

Members Insurance Advisors, LLC's employees are informed of their responsibility to protect confidential customer information and are bound by this Privacy Policy.

Information Collection

Members Insurance Advisors, LLC will limit the use and collection of information about our customers to that which, in our judgment, is necessary to administer our business, provide excellent service, and offer opportunities that we think will be of interest to customers. We may use information to help identify additional products or services that we believe customers might want to know about.


Members Insurance Advisors, LLC intends to employ reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of our customer information. If we become aware of inaccuracies in our records, we will take prompt steps to make appropriate corrections.

Sharing Customer Information

To protect customer privacy, we will control carefully the way any information about customers is shared with relationship vendors. If any of our vendors require or use customer information in order to provide services to customers, we require the vendor to provide us with a confidentiality agreement. We may also provide information to others in accordance with applicable legal requirements and standards.

Privacy Opt-Out Notification

If requested, customers may be excluded from information sharing with certain marketing business relationships. Read more about Members Insurance Advisors, LLC's Opt-Out Notification.

Privacy on the Internet

Members Insurance Advisors, LLC uses a cryptographic (digital certificate) key to secure account information sent between our server and your browser. Members Insurance Advisors uses firewalls that are designed to protect your accounts from unauthorized access from outside the credit union.

Other Links

For our customers' convenience, links are available on our website ( to allow quick access to other sites that may be of interest. Clicking on a link will take you out of the Members Insurance Advisors, LLC website to an alternative website not operated by Members Insurance Advisors, LLC. Our agency is not responsible for the content of a third party website and represents neither the third party website nor the customer if you enter into a transaction. Privacy and security policies of the websites to which you are linking may differ from those practiced by Members Insurance Advisors, LLC.

Administration and Amendments

Administration: Since no policy can address every possible contingency and circumstance, Members Insurance Advisors, LLC shall use its good faith business judgment in administering Members Insurance Advisor's privacy policy. This document is intended to provide guidance to Members Insurance Advisors, LLC management and customers and is not intended to create enforceable legal rights in any individual. Exceptions to this policy may not be authorized by any Members Insurance Advisors, LLC representative other than Members Insurance Advisors, LLC President or Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Amendments: Members Insurance Advisors, LLC reserves the right to amend this policy in any respect.