Homeowners & Flood Insurance

Your Home Protects You and Your Family—Return the Favor.


Find the Coverage That’s Right for You

Most policies include a combination of protections, called loss of use and liability insurance, which covers losses to your home or its contents for any accidents that may happen. Our independent insurance consultants get to know you and your priorities, so they can advise you on the right type of coverage for you and your family. Learn more about the different types of homeowners insurance coverage below.

Dwelling Coverage

Dwelling coverage pays for repairs to your home after an accident, vandalism or natural disaster. This can include things like siding, a roof, plumbing and more. This coverage will usually cover the cost of rebuilding.

Coverage of Separate Structures

Garages, sheds, fences and other structures separate from your home can be covered under your policy as well, for both repairs and replacement costs.

Personal Property Coverage

With this coverage, you’ll be reimbursed for personal items in your home that may be damaged, destroyed or stolen. Under your policy you can insure everything from furniture and electronics to exercise equipment, clothing, jewelry and more.

Loss of Use

Experiencing a loss or damage to your home is stressful enough without also worrying about where you’ll stay while repairs are being made. Loss of use coverage can give you peace of mind by paying for additional housing and living expenses if you have to leave your home during restoration.

Liability Insurance

Liability coverage helps you out if someone gets hurt on your property, or if you or your family causes damage to someone else’s property. Liability insurance can cover medical bills, home repairs and even defense costs in the event of a lawsuit.

Policies are administered and underwritten by a third party.